Review from D. Williams. August 2016

  I found your site excellent. So did my 2 children and partner. It so far out shines any other site we have used. The facilities were 5 star, the site was clean and well kept and surprisingly large when I went for a walk, I like the lay out which makes it feel much smaller and more personal but at the same time lends the opportunity for exploration and to children a big adventure at finding new areas hidden round corners and the opportunity to see wildlife living freely without fear or discomfort from people,every bush, tree or hedge a walked past led to another area and another surprise or pleasurable sight.

The staff are friendly and helpful and always available but also invisible without encroaching on peoples holiday or space so that I didn’t feel as though we was being observed and this helped me to relax.

The children found the games room and park fantastic and also the wildlife areas with the hedgehog house. we listened to birds in the mornings, owls and foxes at night and no doubt if we had sat outside in the dark we would have like seen these animals as well as some bats.

I would recommend this site to everyone I know who likes to visit Cornwall as although it is in a quiet not so popular area it isn’t to far to the bigger towns and attractions if that is what they prefer.

A very big thank you for a wonderful holiday and hopefully we will be there again next year. Definitely worth every penny that we paid, when I originally booked after viewing the site online and reading reviews I kept thinking I had misunderstood the price, most sites are a lot more costly for a lot less.

Don’t know how or what else to say that could say how wonderful this site is apart from 12 out 10 and again thank you for a wonderful stay.

Diane Williams and family